Top Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration is a serious issue. Yellowing teeth can adversely impact a person’s confidence. It can make a person conscious when smiling or eating in social situations. Lack of confidence can also negatively affect a person’s professional life. But it is easy to treat discolored teeth. So, if you have yellowing teeth, you don’t need to live with them.

But before you schedule your teeth whitening treatment, it can be helpful for you to ask your dentist some questions about it. Whether you want teeth whitening Albuquerque or in a bigger city, asking these questions will help you get the right treatment with the right dentist in your area. 

Question –

Will teeth whitening treatments work on my teeth?

There are different types of teeth whitening treatments available. Your dentist will recommend the best option for you, depending on the extent of the discoloration and your overall dental health.

Question –

Are teeth whitening treatments really effective?

Yes, teeth whitening treatments work really well to bring the sparkle back to your teeth. These treatments are different than using whitening toothpastes or over-the-counter products such as strips available for teeth whitening.

Dentists use advance methods to remove discoloration from teeth and make them brighter using the latest technology available for the treatments.

Question –

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, teeth whitening treatments are safe. To ensure that you absolutely get the best results, it is important to seek teeth whitening treatments from qualified and licensed dentists only.

You can check the dentists’ website to know whether they are board-certified or not. Board-certified dentist Albuquerque clear stringent tests for their memberships with national or international professional associations. They also continue with their education to receive training for new and advance dental treatments. So, with the right dentist, you can rest assured that your treatment will be handled properly and in a safe manner.

Question –

How much time does it take for the treatment to complete?

The actual time for the treatment will depend on the extent of the work required on the teeth and the method of teeth whitening. For instance, the Boost teeth whitening system is a procedure, which can be completed within an hour’s time. Other procedures may require more time or multiple sessions.

Question –

Can teeth whitening treatments cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening treatments do not cause sensitivity. In fact, a qualified dentist will ensure that no harm comes to your gums or tooth enamel due to the whitening treatments.

A trained dentist will ensure that your teeth are not over-exposed to the whitening solutions or other chemicals. Excessive exposure to whitening solutions may cause sensitivity. But a trained dentist will ensure that no such over-exposure occurs during your teeth whitening treatment.

In fact, a qualified dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums before starting the whitening treatment. If your gums are not in perfect health to handle teeth whitening treatments, your dentist will inform you about the same. You can then choose to treat your gums first before opting for the teeth whitening treatment.

Question –

Are teeth whitening treatments effective years down the line?

The efficacy of teeth whitening treatment depends on several factors. First, it will depend on the type of treatment. Next, it will also depend on how well the treatment was done.

The longevity of the treatment will also depend on the extent of the problem to begin with and your general dental health. A person’s eating habits and lifestyle will also have a big impact on the efficacy of the treatment. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and tobacco can impact how long the treatment results will last. Regular checkups with your dentist can prolong the results.

Question –

How much whitening of the teeth is possible?

When it comes to whitening teeth, you will want the final results to look as natural as possible. Your dentist will check your teeth and determine the best possible shade for you.

The color of the teeth shouldn’t jar with your natural complexion. But expect the discoloration to disappear and the teeth to become sparkling white without a doubt with the right treatment.

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