Myths and Facts of Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial root made of metal. It replaces the original damaged root and offers greater stability for the placement of artificial teeth. Dental implant procedures are now offered widely. For instance, in the city of Springfield dental implants are likely to be offered the leading dentists practicing in the area.

If you are considering the dental implant procedure but still unsure; it can be helpful for you to know myths and facts associated with it.

Myth 1 – Dental implant procedure is painful.

Fact – The procedure will be painful if it is performed without sedation, which is never the case. Your dentist will always perform the procedure under local anesthesia. A good dentist will always discuss sedation options with you before the surgery. You can make an informed choice about the sedation once your dentist explains you the type of options available for you.

Skilled dentists give the sedation and perform the procedure with extreme care. So, you will not experience any pain during the procedure.

Myth 2 – Dental implant procedures carry great failure risks.

Fact – The procedure is successful in most instances. If a highly-skilled and trained dentist is performing the procedure, you can expect really great outcomes. The technology for the procedure has greatly improved over the years and since its inception. In fact, one of the reasons for the popularity of dental implants is due to its excellent success rate.

Myth 3 – Dental implants look unnatural.

Fact – Not at all; in fact, no one will ever know that you have dental implants until you tell them. If you choose an expert dentist for the procedure, your dental implants won’t be noticeable as something artificial inside your mouth. In fact, dental implants help with the perfect fitting of artificial teeth.

Myth 4 – Dental implants require extensive care.

Fact – Again, this is not true at all. You need to care for dental implants like your natural teeth. Regular and proper brushing along with the right dental products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, can help you keep your implants healthy.

You will require some care, such as regular checkups with your dentist. But this can be covered during your preventive care visits. Your dentist may recommend avoiding the consumption of hard foods if necessary in your case.

Myth 5 – Dental implant procedures require months of the healing period.

Fact – The healing period with dental implant procedures vary with each person. It can take up to six months for the healing to take place but not always.

A long period of healing will only be necessary if you need to undergo a bone graft procedure before your implant surgery. Some people have weak jawbones. So, your dentist may recommend a bone graft to help with the placement of implants. Long periods of healing may also be necessary if your jawbone is weak or if you do not have sufficient bones or tissues to support the implants. In such cases, dentists need to perform additional procedures before implants can be fixed.

In most cases, without any of the above-mentioned issues, the healing period may be really short. Many patients are able to undergo same-day implant procedures and experience the healing in a short amount of time.

The time of the healing can also depend on the number of implants you require. The age of the patient may also be a factor here.

So, there is no standard healing time associated with dental implants. Your dentist will be able to best guide you about it before your procedure begins.

Myth 6 – Dental implants are extremely expensive.

Fact – Well, dental implants are not cheap, but they are also not very expensive considering their longevity. You will not need to replace your implants every few years. In most cases, these can last you for many decades. So, the initial costs can be worth it. You will also not be required to undergo teeth replacement procedures multiple times as is necessary with other treatment options for the same.

The cost of the implants can depend on the experience of your dentist. Many dentists also offer flexible payment options, which can be helpful for patients.

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