Here are Some Valid Reasons to See a Dentist Now

In the time where human is consuming too much sugar, and indulge in too much munching, maintaining proper hygiene has become difficult. And it is necessary to visit the dentist in northern Virginia to maintain proper oral hygiene. Though it is often advises to visit the dentist once in every six months, there are some other reasons also where one must consider visiting their dentist to maintain good oral health. Reasons are discussed as follows:

Loose tooth

In the case of unnatural teeth loss because of some accident, then consider visiting the dentist immediately. The McLean dentist can go through the whole denture to inspect the damage and can also make sure that it may not cause damage to other teeth or any kind of infection.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can be the symptom of some kind of disease or infection in the mouth or even in another part of the body. At the same time, bleeding gums may be the result of the new toothbrush, strong brushing, and flossing. Dentist in northern Virginia can examine the real cause so that the proper treatment may be suggested.

Presence of plaque and cavities

Even the regular brushing and flossing can leave some area in the mouth from cleaning. This results in the formation of plaque which is difficult to be removed at home from regular cleaning. This plaque eventually develops into cavities causing before time decay of teeth. Visiting the dentist for regular cleaning can remove plaque in the initial stage and can also prevent cavities from developing and causing permanent damage to the teeth.

A toothache

Pain in the tooth may seem like a normal problem, but it may be a symptom of deep tooth decay. Teeth do not have nerves, but the pulp or the inner core has, and the pain could be the symptom of nerve damage or infection. Therefore, one must consider visiting dentist in northern Virginia in case of a toothache.

Inflamed or swollen gums

Inflamed and swollen gums are a strong indicator of the advanced case of gum disease. If this condition is left untreated, not only it creates trouble while eating, drinking and speaking but also weaken or destroy the jaw bone.

Those who smoke

Those who use tobacco products are prone to oral and throat cancer. If a person regularly visits the dentist in northern Virginia, the symptoms of cancer may be detected at an early stage where it can be treated. Oral and throat cancer are equally life to threaten as other forms of cancer and thus who smoke must make sure to see their dentist every six months.

Pregnant women

A number of changes happen in a woman’s body at the time of pregnancy, and therefore many gynecologists suggest women to visit the dentist as soon as they conceive. In case, where the women already have some kind of oral health issue, it may get worse during pregnancy causing discomfort to both the mother and the child.

Bad breath

Though it is normal to have bad breath after certain types of food such as garlic, tea, and coffee but if there is persistent bad breath without any apparent reason, then one must visit the dentist. Bad breathe is often a sign of cavity, gum infection or even other medical condition of the body.

Dry mouth

It is not just the dehydration that causes the dry mouth; it could be the sign that the mouth is not producing enough saliva which itself is a bad oral condition. Saliva maintains the acidic level of the mouth and also helps in digesting the food. Not having enough saliva could strongly mean the presence of some disease along with the problem in digesting the food.

Irregular tooth bite

This condition is not too common among people, but irregular tooth bite may result in early loss of teeth because of the too much grinding and colliding of the teeth while eating and speaking. Tooth bite condition may appear in an adult as soon as they grow all of their teeth and the dentist may monitor and correct the irregular teeth biting.

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